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Where modern technology, genuine care and traditional values merge.

About Us

Hello! Before anything, thanks for visiting our humble little website.


I am tempted to use the internet to show off what we can provide, what kind of education we have and the latest gadgets and gizmos we purchased to deliver care and all that... but then again I thought, why don't I just build a simple website from scratch and talk to you guys as if you were in front of me? You know... from my heart.


I am Dr. Fernando de la Pena but everybody calls me "Dr. D" and please feel free to do so.


I graduated from dental school in the early 90's and started working for several companies trying to gain experience and in 2001 we opened up the De La Pena Dental Group. Our office and treatment protocols are a combination of all the good things I learned from the numerous offices I worked in before we opened our doors.


Our goal was simple, to provide the best care we can at a very reasonable cost. This goal has withstood the test of time and it is how we help our patients and the community afford dental care.


I have been practicing since the mid-90's. We are able to deliver a lot of dental treatments and procedures from cleanings to root canals, from crowns to dentures even veneers, whitening and certain types of implants. I know what I can and what I cannot do. I am very honest with my patients and I want my patients to be educated and informed at all times of the risks, benefits and alternatives of certain procedures. I will sit down and take the time to do so in a way that I will be understood, no dentalese. My patients appreciate this very much and they have peace of mind every time they make a decision. After all, your peace of mind means a good night's sleep for me : )

...and it's these little things that make it all worthwhile. Oh yeah, & the cookies were super ; )

Almost forgot, know someone interested in becoming a dental assistant?

We train future DAs through our 3-month DA Course. Get the details at: